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  • Ballast Cover 96" Tandem Refit Kit

Ballast Cover 96" Tandem Refit Kit


by Texas Fluorescents



Product Description:
Ballast tandem retrofit kit, 96 in. long, converts an existing T12 strip to carry T8 lamps. Material is die-formed 22 gage steel, with high reflectance baked white enamel finish. TEK screws are provided to attach retrofit ballast cover to an existing channel. Ballast and mounting plate may be removed for service without disturbing 96 in. cover.

KIT INCLUDES: (1) 96 in. Ballast cover with lamp holder cut outs, (1) Ballast mounting plate, Short Lamp Holders (style & quantity as specified),  (12) #8 x 3/8” TEX mounting screws.  (Lamps not included.)
(Texas Fluorescents SKU#s below.)


Texas Fluorescents SKU#s

8RB421X2T8L10: 96” x 4.25”  (for 2 T8 lamps)
8RB422X2T8L10: 96” x 4.25”  (for 4 T8 lamps)