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  • DLU Eco Bright LED BR 30

DLU Eco Bright LED BR 30

LED Lights

by DLU



DLU Eco Bright LED BR 30 15w 110 Degree Flood

Commercial-Residential Applications
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Lobbies
• Hallways
• Bedrooms
• Kitchens

Features and Benefits
• LED Lighting Facts: What you see is what you get through certification.
• Energy Star: Energy Saving Lamp that is certified for all rebates.
• Fully Dimmable: Dimmable all the way down to zero using
approved dimmers.
• Long life: 40000 Hours, saves on replacement cost.
• Warranty: 5 Years.

Fully dimmable down to zero, the DLU LED BR30 is the only option that
will replace an 65W BR30 that is transparent to the human eye.

110 Degree Flood,

Lumens  Watts  Model Code       Description  Avg Life  Kelvin  Case Qty 

865          15     FLLR823AA-R   LED BR30  40000       3000      20