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  • H5L Series Hi Bay Workhorse

H5L Series Hi Bay Workhorse



Product Description:
The H5L series is the workhorse of our high bay fluorescent series, designed especially for high light output using T8 or T5HO lamping. The fixtures uses premium mirrored reflectors for high efficiency lighting. A sturdy/durable fixture body with superior appearance and appeal, suitable for commercial, retail and industrial applications. Mounts easily with chain or cable kit.

LAMP: 4 Lamp Positions

SIZES: 13W x 48L x 3.0Dp

H5L for 4 Lamps T8

SKU # H5L432M23MV

H5L for 4 Lamps TH5O

SKU#  H5L454M23MV

Baked white enamel code gauge steel Premium full specular mirrored reflector Multiple KOs and access plate.
MOUNTING: 4 Point chain mount.
•Fixture & Ballast: UL Listed
•Ballast: Thermally protected, class P, HPF, Non