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  • High Bay Fluorescent with Occupancy Sensor

High Bay Fluorescent with Occupancy Sensor


by Texas Fluorescents



At 13” wide this high bay fluorescent is ideal for 4 light applications in T5HO and T8. With an integral occupancy sensor, it is an ideal choice where a lens or wire guard is required or just a value installation with a sensor. Mount simply with a chain kit or gripple. Perfect for narrow aisles and low level lighting applications, and available with a narrowed reflector or enhanced white reflector. Integral Occupancy Sensor in center of reflector makes it an ideal aisle lighter in low ceiling applications.


Dimensions: 48” x 13” x 3"

SKU#: SSH5L432M23PMV - for 4 Lamps T8

SKU#: SSH5L454M23MV - for 4 Lamps T5HO