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  • LED Dimmable Undercabinet Light

LED Dimmable Undercabinet Light

LED Fixture

by Texas Fluorescents



This new LED undercabinet light provides the benefits of LED at a budget price. Utilizing less than a third the energy of fluorescent light and 75 percent less than xenon, this sleek LED undercabinet features Cree LED’s engineered for wide spread comfortable task lighting.

Choose from three sizes with integral LEDs and driver that can be used individually with a cord and plug and on/off switch provided or joined together with a mini coupler or 15” joiner cord also supplied with every fixture. An optional Hardwire Junction Box is available for hardwire applications. To dim use the hardwire junction box and one of the recommended dimmers.  Call for consult on dimmers.

Model Number  Description
LEDDUCL12WH30 12 inch 5 watt w/3 Cree LEDs in 3000K
LEDDUCL18WH30 18 inch 8 watt w/5 Cree LEDs in 3000K
LEDDUCL24WH30 24 inch 11 watt w/7 Cree LEDs in 3000K
LEDDUCLJBOXWH LED Undercabinet hardwire Jbox white