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  • LED Double Recessed/Surface Ceiling Mount

LED Double Recessed/Surface Ceiling Mount

LED Fixture

by Texas Fluorescents



LED Double Recessed/Surface Ceiling Mount

Features linear white light LED arrays and linear drivers. These “LED Systems” are characterized by high energy efficiency levels, surpassing T5 systems, at the lowest  possible cost. They also offer high quality white light in terms of color rendition and color consistency delivering a truly future proof solution.

The system offers choices of lumen output based on the number of rows of LED on the array and the number of arrays per fixture as well as choice of Drivers for fixed light output, 1-10V or DALI versions.  Call for consult on other LED array of driver options.

Model No.                              Dimensions                 Lamping

UDLR22L20W2600L40K     24" x 23.75" x 3.75"    4 x 650 Lumen Arrays, 20W INPUT, 55W Driver, 4000K

UDLR24L40W2600L40K     23.75" x 48" x 3.75"    8 x 650 Lumen Arrays, 40W INPUT, 55W Driver, 4000K