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New to LED Lighting?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting comes in a variety of lamps (bulbs) and fixtures with the diode fully integrated.

Below is a sampling of lighting types available in our Commercial Store.

We also have access to a much wider variety of decorative, architectural/landscape and commercial LED lamps and fixtures from our suppliers. 

LED Lamp Types

A19 - Designed to replace the type of bulb found in table lamps and other home applications.


BR - Designed to produce wide angle diffuse light for a given area.  Beam angles of 100 degrees plus flood spaces with light.  Ideal can light replacement for CFL or Halogen bulbs in areas that remain continuously lit such as lobbies or hallways.


PAR - Designed to be used in home and commercial applications where light must be focused on a specific task using beam angle ranging from 25 to 60 degrees. Ideal replacement for kitchen, desk or other work areas.  Often used in retail to focus attention on products or displays.

Tube - Designed to provide bright diffuse light in ceiling fixtures or dramatic offset diffuse light in recessed coved areas.  Ideal energy saving replacement for T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps with minimal retro kit conversion expense.  Couple with occupancy sensors for additional saving.  Available in 2ft., 4ft. and 8ft. lengths.

Decorative - LEDs can produce the warm glow of flame lights in candelabra fixtures or provide unique applications to enhance your festival or party ambiance.  Rope and drop lights in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes are available.  Call for a consult.

new A19 pic
Sam BR30
Sam PAR 38 14W
Samsung Performer L Tube
3.2 fancy