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  • SolarsHeat 1500G

SolarsHeat 1500G

Solar Heating System

by Your Solar Home Inc.



SolarSheat 1500G

Solar Air Heater for Rooms up to 1000 Sq. Ft. Stand-Alone Wall Mounted Unit with Solar Powered Fan


The SolarSheat 1500G is the original self contained solar air collector. 

The system ships with wall mounts and a duct kit to allow for easy installation on a wall. Additional roof hardware can be purchased separately for flush or full class stands.

The SolarSheat 1500G is a glazed recirculation solar air collector designed for space heating applications. Air is drawn from inside the room through the bottom of the collector and blown back into the room through a duct in the top.

The SolarSheat 1500G can heat an area of the home or room up to 1000 sq. ft. when the sun is shining. Multiple collectors can be connected together can heat larger areas or rooms. 

The 1500G is a supplemental room heating system. [A 1500GS (secondary) collector
can be attached for larger room heating needs (see the 1500G 2 Pak). The addition of the 1500GS
will allow for higher temperatures and better performance in colder climates and hazy conditions.  Call for consult and pricing.]

An external digital control lets you preset the temperature for the collector to start heating.  The unit is self-powered. No electrical hook-up required.

Product Function:
• Solar Air Heating and Re-circulation. Glazed collector heats and
• recirculates INSIDE air.

Product Applications:
• Residential/Commercial
• Cottages/Cabins
• Agriculture - Bars and Workshops
• Greenhouses
• Warehouses
• Room Ventilation

Product Features:
• Requires no electrical connections
• Can help reduce your heating bill - Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit.
• Easy mounting on a south-facing wall or roof
• Extruded aluminum construction with tempered glass panel

Integrated Photovoltaic Module - The SolarSheat has an integrated photovoltaic panel (thin film
can effectively work on cloudy days) comprises 14 watts of power that drives a fan for best performance.
Modular Extruded Frame - The modular extruded aluminum frame allows for connection between panels from side or top portion. Panels can be interconnected to form large air wall structures to accommodate large heating needs or ventilation air.
Ceramic Insulation - A ceramic bead insulation coating is applied to the back of the collector to provide optimal energy efficiency and up to R20 value which can act with or instead of back insulated wall.
Preset Automatic Temperature Control - The sensor is preset to allow for the proper room temperature heating requirements. (Thermostat preset to 19ºC or 66.2ºF +/- 3ºC or 37ºF)
External Control - The SolarSheat 1500G includes an external digital control that allows you to preset your room temperature. The unit can deliver up to 120ºF or 49ºC (estimated) for room heating.
Fan - The fan has a long life and provides up to 150 CFM for adequate room heating.

1500G – Collector includes PV head, internal DC powered fan, 20C/68F thermal switch, control wire, and

How it works:

The SolarSheat 1500G panel heats inside air. The amount of heat produced is based on the volume of air passing through the solar panels and the degree of sunshine.

Solarsheat 1500G Specifications

Manufacturer:  YourSolarHome Inc.

Part No.:  SH1500-G 

BTU/DAY:  20,400 BTU/day - clear sunny day

Dimensions:  87"X 43.15" X 3.8"  221cm x 109.6cm x 9.7cm

Gross Area:  26 ft2 or 2.4 m2

Net Weight:  94 lbs / 42.6 kg 

Gross Weight:  110 lbs / 49.89 kg

Colour:  Black

Type:  Modular solar air collector

Material:  Aluminum extrusion

Absorber:  Corrugated aluminum - perforated or non-perforated

Glazed:  Yes, tempered glass

Thermal insulation:  Poly Isocyanurate

Power:  PV system, 14.5 watts

Flow Rate:  71 CFM  (backdraft damper installed)

CONTROL:  Digital thermostat

Fan:  DC

C02 Reduction:  .35 tonne

Temperature:  120ºF @ 49ºC ambient rating

Mounting:  Wall or roof (additional flashing and mount required)

Manufactured:  Canada

Warranty :  5 yrs. on collector, 1 yr. on electronics